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the soldier in retreat

I was told that the best of men
Fight wars that they believe in.
And so I was amidst lost causes
Believing this was worth living for.

I was told that when it was over
I would find a new meaning in life.
I came back to nothing that ever was mine
Everyone had moved on; where was I?

Worst, I wanted to be back in the fight.


in our own little way

In our own little way
We are all trying to make sense.
Some by explaining it aloud
And some by staying quiet.

In our own little way
We are all moving forward.
Some by marching with the crowd
And some by staying put.


I sit and watch
Silent and still
As the world speeds by.
I ask them what the hurry is,
They do not reply.
They smile and think I’m drunk.

I look at the chaos
Revel in the entropy
Finding perfection in the seemingly imperfect.
I wonder why everything needs to be in order
Like clay: molded, dried, burnt and set.
They smile and think I’m drunk.

Drenched in love
They seem happy
Or so they have come to believe.
I tell them love is a myth
This is a life I do not want to relive.
They smile and think I’m drunk.

but let those broken dreams be mine

Over countless cups of coffee, insignificant though it may seem,
As I listened to you, your stories; I weaved a lot of dreams
When you took those stories away, I did not whine
But let those broken dreams be mine.

In summer nights, as we sat in the field having ice-cream,
Staring at the stars, together; I weaved a lot of dreams
I am okay with the stars having lost their shine
But let those broken dreams be mine.

Those crazy nights, when the glasses were filled to the brim,
Drunk in your arms, drowsy; I weaved a lot of dreams
I do not crave for your embrace, or the wine
But let those broken dreams be mine.

When you said you have something to say and it was grim
I shut myself, my ears; but I could not help my dreams
You said you have to go, I replied, ”It is fine”
But please, let those broken dreams be mine.


“This post is an entry at Blogjunta Dreams Contest to be judged by Jyoti Arora, author of Dream’s Sake”


In wilderness, on an insignificant milestone
I sit and reflect all alone.
In the vastness of the road, behind and ahead
Of the smiles shared and the tears shed.

Memories trespass and shred my thought;
Queerness, some borrowed some bought.
The road has been a friend, a bad friend
It gives you company but leaves you drained.

When on the road, people come and go
A few stay for a drink or a draw.
Some conversations happen that never should
A few remain unsaid, rarely understood.

I get up and begin my stroll,
To the horizons that beckon my soul.
A confusion stills lingers on, I hardly share
Is being lost better than going nowhere?

if it is worth all the trouble

And there I am trying to figure out
If it is worth all the trouble!
When every morning
You wake up to a new fight
To pick pieces from a broken relationship
And glue each piece and hold them tight
Only to see them break away
To fragments when they go out of sight
By the time you get to sleep
It’s a long dark lonely night.
I dream of beautiful times
You, me and everything all right
I remain awake to keep sleep
From forcing into my dreams, my plight
As time creeps along, snatching my moments
Beyond the horizon I see the new day light
I know not why but I have a faint feeling
A feeling of another lost fight.
And there I am trying to figure out
If it is worth all the trouble!

Doing some things for the first time.
Does not believe in doing them.
Is told “Changes are necessary.
Whether you like them or not.”
Tries hard not to agree.
Explains. Realizes no one cares to listen.
Wonders what’s wrong. Gets no answer.