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umbrella with a wooden handle

Every kid in the colony wanted a raincoat, especially the ones with cartoon characters on them. But she wanted an umbrella – the large, nondescript, black umbrella with a wooden stick for a handle. Her parents tried convincing her but she couldn’t care less. The only thing she was concerned about was that it had to be large. Large enough.

For these adults would never understand but she knew that a raincoat can only protect one person from the rains. An umbrella can protect two. That and Ajay, who stayed in between her school and her home could afford neither.

Ever experienced a walk in the rain when one of your shoulders gets wet in the rain while the other brushes against the person sharing the umbrella with you!


the unsaid love

Unless you‘ve read him, you wouldn’t believe that he can write romance. Most days he stayed in his house, coming out only to pass the garbage to the sweeper. In fact, I’d have considered it mundane, had I not noticed that every-day the sweeper also passed him something back.

Curious, one day, I asked him,

“What do you get from the sweeper every-day?”

“Well, I’ve asked him to separate torn pieces of paper from the community garbage and give it to me.”

“And, what do you do with them?”

“I put them back together. In them I find my stories.”

There is more romance in hand-written torn pieces of paper than all the literature in the world put together 🙂