Monthly Archives: February 2015

adult(ery) chat

Kunal’s phone beeped.

PrettyGirl: Long time. No see. What’s up?

Kunal confirmed Priya was in the bedroom and then reached for his phone.

CoolHunk86: In the Amazon rain forests. Studying the reptile eco system. You?

PrettyGirl: Paris. Home. In the bath tub. My clothes are far away. I wish someone fetched them for me. *wink*

CoolHunk86: I would never let you wear them. Send me a pic. *wink*

PrettyGirl: Haha. Some other day. Got to go now. Bye.

Priya called for dinner. Kunal quickly typed before throwing the phone away.

CoolHunk86: Me too. Bye.

Priya’s phone in the bedroom beeped.

And you thought virtual is the opposite of real. Well, they co-exist!