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the planned accident

As he skied down, his whole life flashed in front of his eyes. The early rise to stardom, the thrill of knowing that no one is better than you, the speculations in the media before every race and the convincing wins that silenced them, the fans. All of this for a decade. And then, the sudden realization one day that all of this would be gone and in that order. Given the peaks in his life, it will only be downhill from now.

He threw the ski poles and brought his ski bindings parallel to one another. When you are going downhill, this is how you gather speed. He closed his eyes as he drew close to the boulder that stood in his way.

Half a year later, he opened his eyes in the hospital. The world celebrated how he had fought his way back to life!

Before you think otherwise, I am a big fan of Michael Schumacher myself. However, the story-teller in me could not help noticing a possible alternate interpretation.


one death at a time

It took six hours for the doctor to discharge her. When she finally came out of the ICU, she found him sitting where she had left him. She knew at his age it was not easy to put up with her medical condition. But he never complained. As soon as he saw her, he heaved a sigh of relief. A quick hug later he went to meet the doctor.

“I am sorry. We still do not know.”

“But doctor, this is the third time it has happened. We ought to know something by now.”

“We have conducted every possible study. There is nothing in the reports.”

“I need a blunt answer doctor. How much time does she have? If something were to happen to her, I cannot forgive myself.”

The doctor hesitated for a while. “I am not sure how much time she has. I only know that both you and I are doing everything in our capacity.”

“That sounded like a testimony in front of a jury.” He chuckled as he stood up to leave.

“Well, all I know is that’s the truth.”

As he left the doctor’s cabin, he found her waiting for him near the elevator. As he walked towards her, he seemed deeply puzzled.

The poison dose has to go up. The question was by how much.

The perfect poison is one which kills without leaving a trace!