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the knight in the shining armor

The commander stood amidst the ruins of his conquest, taking stock of the men he had lost and the spoils of the war that he had amassed. His army stood in silence as he congratulated them on their victory and promised them a night that was worth the fight.

As he was leaving, he spotted a rather known face in the army.

“So how many men did you kill today?” the commander asked with a smirk.

He stood in silence. They laughed.

“No women, no wine for you boy till you make a kill. In fact, wear a few bangles. Just in case some of my men were bored of women and wanted a change.”

They cheered.

That night as the commander’s brave men rejoiced in the spoils of the war, the coward made his way through the deserted ruins to a plundered house. He opened the trap door and looked at the kids hidden under the floor.

“I knew you were here. How long did you think you could avoid detection? Get out you scoundrels and run for your life.”

Unsure of his intention, the last kid to come out of the hiding, plunged the hidden dagger into him.

The armor broke the fall. The metal shone under the moon-light. He realized it would be morning by the time he bled to death. Worse was the realization that no one ever would miss the coward!


the burden of truth

I spotted them as they entered the station. The way they were engrossed in each other, it did not require a genius to tell they were in love. Years of experience also told me that it meant they were an easy target. I made my move.

There are two rules in my business. The first is to get the timing right. I waited for the train to sound the first whistle. As he stood on the platform waving at her in the train, I quickly finished my act.

The second is to cut the link that can be traced back to you. I took the cash out and threw the wallet.

That night as I counted my exploit, I noticed a small note tucked among the currency. On most days, I would not bother. Today being an exceptionally good one, I allowed myself the luxury of peeping into their private life. The note read:

“By the time you read this, I will be gone. This might sound stupid but I think I like you. I am not sure about your feelings though. If you think we have a chance, call me. Else, it is fine. You will always be a pleasant memory.”