Monthly Archives: November 2013

the soldier in retreat

I was told that the best of men
Fight wars that they believe in.
And so I was amidst lost causes
Believing this was worth living for.

I was told that when it was over
I would find a new meaning in life.
I came back to nothing that ever was mine
Everyone had moved on; where was I?

Worst, I wanted to be back in the fight.


abused – epilogue

Here are the prequel to this piece:

“When was the last time you met Karen?”

“The day she told me she was marrying Tim.”

“What did you do after that?”

“I can’t remember.”

“Did you kill Karen?”

“Gosh! No. I loved her.”

“Do you remember who your roommate was?”

“Yes. Tim.”

“Did you kill Tim?”

“No. Why?”

“Where did you last meet Karen?”

“Pigeon Square.”

The last thing I remember was going out to meet Karen. I have no idea why I am here. The old lady is scribbling something. I think it says:

Case: Chronic alcohol abuse.
Details: Served prison time for double murder. Appears harmless.

Sometimes when reality is too harsh, it is much easier to live in a story.