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a letter to the batch of 2013-15

Dear juniors,

Tonight is different. Tonight is the night when I finally sign off as your Placecomm. Tonight is also the night when I can speak to you as any other normal senior for the first time in the last five months that you have been in XLRI.

In the last five months, as we shared a love-hate relationship (more hate than love), let me confess, I have been truly amazed by the potential that I have seen in your batch. I have not emphasized this a lot in our interactions, while on either side of the podium in FPH, but let me say this on record that I do not have an iota of doubt that you guys will take XLRI to heights never seen before and will match, if not excel, what the senior batch has done for this college. I wish you good luck on that endeavor.

In the last eight months at XLRI, I have dreamt about those three and half days of SIP again and again. Most of us in Placecomm did, but I will restrict this post to mine. In every one of those dreams I fancied it to end just the way it did. It was perfect. I could have lived that moment till eternity. However, I would like to remind you that this was my dream. Yours are just about to begin.

Exactly a year ago, I sat in the same chair as you. I attended PPTs, filled forms, gave psychometric tests, pecked and re-pecked companies. I went through the same Attendance Call and Well Calls as you did. I even managed an offer. And yet, I know no better than you do about what all of this means. For me, this process is an exercise in randomness – a lot of variables come into play to decide who you eventually do your summers with. And hence judging your potential or your future career by the results of this process would be entirely an exercise in futility.

If anything, this process was a crash course in Life – uncertain future, ample opportunities, lurking threats and random choices. If anything then this process teaches you that there is nothing called a perfect option. Neither will you ever have enough time to weigh all the options before you make a call. You will just have enough to move on. And trust me, most of you will do fine with that.

As you would have noticed, the success of the SIP process was measured in the number of days it took us to reach hundred percent. It sounds flattering but if you ask me, there is more to it than a hundred percent placement in record number of days. There is the concerned look of the seniors as to whether the juniors can sustain the grill, there is the unquestioned effort put in by every senior to ensure that you are as ready as it can get for every interview, there is that little group of friends who sat surrounding you as you saw process after process to tell you that none of this is a true reflection of the person that you are, there is the belief with which post SIP celebration preparations are done even before the process has started, there is the blind faith, year and year, that every junior batch will outshine their seniors as the SIP process unfolds. In these lie the true success of the SIP process at XLRI, in these lie the famed XL Culture, in these lie stories that we made for you and hopefully you will make for your juniors.

When I look at my batch, I see a bunch of highly talented people. I do not care where they did their internships or even what their projects were. Most of them, I am sure, will find a way for themselves. As a senior of mine wrote to me in a note before my SIP – Yes, lots of us will end up doing stuff we never imagined we would do. But then, before XL, most of us hardly ever imagined 🙂

With time you will realize the same about your batch.

Signing off

A rather happy member

Placement Committee 2013-14