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the last conversation

“Where is it?”

“It was here.”

“What do you mean ‘It was here’? Where the fuck is it now? You drunk bastard, get your act straight.”

“I swear I left it here. Something’s wrong. Boss, I think the people around here were right. We should not have taken this up.”

“What’s wrong with you? Superstition doesn’t go with our profession. For heaven’s sake, tell me it is the alcohol!”

“Boss, let’s just leave.”

“We can’t leave without disposing it.”

The next day the local people found three dead bodies. The post mortem established only one of them to be unnatural!

Survivors have rational explanations. The dead only have secrets! 


abused – 2

Here’s the prequel to this piece:

“Did Karen contact you?” Tim sounded worried.

“Not since I told you of her location the last time.”

“She has disappeared again. Can you try and reach her?”

She didn’t pick my call either. It was understandable. An hour later, I got a text from her – ‘I am in Pigeon Square. Can you come down? And for heaven’s sake, don’t let that bastard know.’

This time, I decided to go alone. Being new to the city, I asked my watchman, “Do you know where Pigeon Square is?”

“I know this city inside out sir. There’s no place called Pigeon Square!”

silence that echoes

The strike had brought the entire traffic to a standstill. Yet she managed to reach the studio. He didn’t acknowledge her arrival.  She was used to this. On most nights, as she videotaped him for her final year project on ‘Creative Minds’, he would go about painting as if she didn’t exist. They hardly spoke.

Today, however, he sat on the sofa; lost.

 “It’s strange!” He started the conversation.


“I can’t think of anything to paint.”

“Why would that be?”

“I don’t know,” he stared at the uncharacteristically empty road from his window and said, “Something is missing tonight.”

‘Alone’ is a state of affairs when you miss sounds that you have become used to. For example, walking on the lonely road near GMP Block in XLRI does not make me feel alone. However, a lonely wing does.