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Book Review: shades of love

Shades of LoveBook: Shades of Love

Editor: Ankit Mittal

Publisher: Grapevine India

Price: 100

Year of Release: 2013 (expected)

‘Shades of Love’ is an anthology of short stories written by Indian writers, many of them quite young in the world of storytelling on a topic that has seen significant amount of literature being dedicated to it since time immemorial. Writers across geographies and periods have been enamored by it, trying to capture its essence in the maze of their words. And this precisely is the reason why a rather novice attempt at capturing this emotion appears all the more painful to read.

As is the case, most of the stories read as if they are written by teenagers with interpretations of love that range from thought-provoking to amateurish. Baring a few stories, others are ill-constructed and poorly depicted with plots that might interest only beginners to the world of love stories. In its attempt to capture love in all its manifestations, it often meanders into fantasy, revenge, crime and eeriness. The language is simple and racy and makes for an easy read. Most of the conversations are in English that is more spoken than written and hence makes for easy comprehension. While the book provides a chance to young writers to put their expressions in front of a wider audience, it could have definitely done better in choosing its contributions. I would like to believe, for the sake of young Indian writers and literature enthusiasts, that there are better writers than the ones presented in the collection waiting for their work to be published.

Be very particular about what you are looking for in the book. The stories, baring a few, are uninspiring and might interest only very young readers looking for an easy read. Most of them might come out as seriously disappointing. There is no dearth of literature on love. I would recommend you choose a better title.

Best part of the book: The Remedy by Sachin Garg was brilliant!

Worst part of the book: The stories, baring a few, are very amateurish and very teenage like.

Final Rating: 2/5