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Theme: Hitech Life

Life in Hitec City is all about getting that coveted ‘ACCESS’ – access to a better life, a high-end car, a posh residence, glitzy office space. Ironically, the lure of ‘ACCESS’ lies in its exclusivity – the ability to classify the others as the unauthorized and with no ‘ACCESS’. It is this exclusivity that enthralls us and as we dance to its beats, we tend to ignore as our ‘ACCESS’ becomes synonymous to its homonym – ‘EXCESS’. And in that squeezed space between ‘ACCESS’ and ‘EXCESS’, we spend a life-time!

A very novice attempt at photography for Ora Ovations 2012. Honestly I do not think I am much of a photographer. I just had a thought and I composed it with the photo and the description put together.



The first whistle had gone. He strained at the rope, waiting for the next. In the game of Tug-Of-War, you don’t get a second chance. Between the first whistle and the next, the moment had frozen.

He had won every Tug-Of-War match except the last one. His friends say he can pull off an entire match alone. Bloody hypocrites!  None of them even bothered to check on him when he had broken his leg last year.

The second whistle. For one complete minute he heard nothing, saw nothing, felt nothing. They won. But no one noticed a champion was reborn.

Saw some exceptional tug-of-war matches today. It may seem to be poetic justice, but I was also torn between two contrasting thoughts – one that we, as human beings, are still not over the age of gladiators and the other that no matter the differences that have crept up, we still unite in the celebration of the human spirit.

Gyaan aside, kudos Ora Ovations 2012