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The inspector stared at her non-existent breasts for a minute before dismissing her. Behind her, he said something about grapes and oranges but she neither had the intellect nor the interest to understand the reference.

By the time she reached what was left of her home after the bulldozer had run over it, she saw her amma sitting with almost everything they had called their own.

“Did you get my school-bag?”

Amma did not respond.

She started digging at the rubble with urgency. Sometime later, she fished her book out, the first chapter of which was incidentally called – HOPE!

63rd Republic Day but still a long way to go.


love story

He saw her for the first time on Monday. Dressed in a light-blue blazer, she was taking appointments for the doctor. She smiled occasionally but when she did, she made the gloomy reception bearable. He could not help staring at her.

He came again on Tuesday for his reports. On Wednesday, to get his reports checked. On Thursday, pretending his condition had worsened. But he couldn’t speak to her. Not once.

Finally on Friday, he decided to break the ice. But she wasn’t there. He enquired. The watchman told him, “They fired her. She was not attractive enough.”

No matter how unwanted you feel, someone somewhere is definitely in love with you.