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He watched them immerse the idol. Soon a goddess would be reduced to clay, the same clay from which she was fashioned, a month back, by his hands. It’s a huge responsibility to give shape to people’s faith, especially if you are an atheist.

It‘s strange, he thought, that people would rather believe in a clay idol made by him than him. He had promised that he would pay back the cost of the operation, had he not? They didn’t believe him. They let his daughter die, her ashes immersed in this very river.

And with them, his faith too.

I know of only one true form of worship. The ‘let’s-make-the-world-a-better-place-to-live-in’ type. Everything else is just a belief, an ego or an excuse.


lost and never found

She sat in the balcony, looking at the people passing on the street. She did not quite remember what time of the day it was. She thought she would ask someone but no one seemed to be around. ‘Where has everyone gone?’

She turned the fan on. ‘Is it summer already?’ But, she did not hear the Koel sing.

She picked up the paper on the table. It was a medical prescription for alzheimer’s for Smruti Pattnaik. ‘Someone has alzheimer’s in the family and no one bothered to tell me.’  She was visibly angry.

‘By the way, who is Smruti?’

There is one thing we keep collecting all our life – memories. Imagine losing them, one by one, all of a sudden…