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the divorce form

She called her lawyer. “Please cancel my appointment. I don’t think I am going for the divorce.”

“What made you change your mind?”

“Ironic but it was the Divorce Form.”

“Which form?”

“The one with the question – ‘Write down 100 things that you like about your spouse’. I felt strange initially but by the time I finished, I was convinced that there‘re more things I love him for than I had ever imagined. An old man gave it to me outside the court. He told it would expedite the legal proceedings.”

“But ma’am…”


“There’s no form like that. “

Most love stories are not about finding one good reason to fall in love with. It is about discovering many small things over a period of time.


someone’s devil, someone’s god

His looks never told you of his profession; a trick of his trade. Just minutes ago, he was almost caught. The victim stared at him but could find nothing on his face. He did not bother to look back. It did not interest him.

He was loitering around the railway station when he heard someone say,” Can you lend me some money? I need to go home.”

He gave him the wallet and an advice. “Take the money and throw the wallet.” And then, ran into oblivion.

The man, taken back, looked at the wallet and stared at his own.

Someone’s devil is another one’s god. Sadly, we do not realize that unless we have seen the god and the devil in the same person.

the bubble-wrap

Taufik had it meticulously planned. As soon as he saw the new watch arrive, he stepped on Tamanna’s foot making her wince in pain. This gave him crucial time advantage to snatch, the bubble-wrap! He would now burst it, bubble by bubble. More importantly, Tamanna will have none.

Strangely though, Tamanna did not fight back. She was too excited at the sight of her new watch!

 “What’s so interesting about a watch”, Taufik felt cheated. Without the fight, his prized possession, the bubble-wrap, did not look half as enticing.

All of five, life was yet to catch up with Taufik.

I am convinced that there is a hidden agenda behind the creation of ‘Bubble-Wrap’ – to remind us of the child within us. Oh, the sheer pleasure of feeling those tiny little bubbles as you burst your way to glory!

the little jehadi

She finally found him sitting near the Peepal tree. He had been sulking since he had come from school.

“What‘s wrong with you? Come and have your dinner.” She yelled at him.

Ammi, are Muslims bad people?”


“Why do you lie to me?”

“I do not”

“Then maybe you do not know. You’ve never been to school. Muslims are bad people. They plant bombs, kill innocents and cause a lot of suffering.”

“Who told you that?”

“Our teacher did.”

“That’s wrong. You should have corrected him when he said that.”

“I tried. But he called me a little jehadi.”

Secularism does not lie in the mouth-watering wordings of the Preamble. It lies deep within us. 


It was dark. The moonless evening and the power-cut worsened the situation. Two kids sat on the hydroelectric dam, overlooking the illuminated city, downhill.

“People, from the city, live all their life in light but they get amazed on seeing the dam.  Where do they think light comes from – the lightening?”

They both laughed. The younger one asked, “If we generate light, how come people in the city have more of it? We hardly have any.”

“The city has better engineers.” He sighed.

“Are you going to be an engineer?”

“Yes and I’m going to get our light back.”

Today being Engineer’s Day, I want to leave you with a thought worth pondering upon. (I came across these lines on Arvind Gupta’s website:

“And somewhere there are engineers
Helping others fly faster than sound.
But, where are the engineers
Helping those who must live on the ground?”

—   Young Oxfam Poster

the blind ‘eye’-witness

“Were you here last night?” the constable enquired.


“There was a murder. It was dark. Everyone only saw the silhouette.”

“What’s the point is asking him? Can’t you see he is blind?” The Inspector interrupted, as he walked towards them.

“The last person who spoke, fired the bullet” he said.

“What?” the constable laughed, “This guy is not just blind. He is also mad.”

“Find someone more sensible to question” the Inspector sternly replied.

The blind beggar chuckled. Darkness can only cheat those with eyes. For those without, only sound mattered and those were the same pair of shoes.

truth or dare

The next bus was due in an hour and they were the only people left at the bus-stop. She approached him, smiled and said, “What do two strangers in a lonely night most likely to do?”

“May be, play truth or dare.”

“I’ll go with truth.”

“Would you rather be a virgin or a whore?” That question beats most girls. He chuckled.

“A virgin”

“Come on, you don’t mean it. Do you?”

“I do. You’ve no idea what it takes to be a whore. You only know it as a word. I live it as life.”

An awkward silence followed.

Another one, on the same lines as the last post – 100 words nothing more, nothing less. This format is amazingly beautiful.